You're going to hate me for this.

You may have noticed that my haikus have been few and far between.Two words: writer's block.

I had this whole idea to write a haiku every day to chronicle my life. It was a cool micro-blogging idea when I came up with it back in August (or was it September?) of 2009. I had the intention to do it until it became a chore. And it has.

Life involves change - and I'm embracing it (though not that whole Obama "change" thing). Won't you embrace it with me? What began as a beautiful, enjoyable artistic expression has become a grudgingly time-consuming task. Writing these haikus has become just another "to-do" on my list every day - just one of the many that never get done. And I'm tired of it. I find myself stressing over syllables - and for what end? To amuse a few folks over cyberspace?

My life isn't about me being amusing and cool. It's about sharing what I've learned and seen and come to understand. I want to inspire folks if I can, but not out of selfish intent. I want you to become great and realize your full potential. I want to see you shine.

So, here it is: we've seen the end of my daily haikus. But stick with me! I might not be posting them every single day, but I still love the art form and will use the format from time to time to share my life with you. In addition, I'll be trying to find new artistic outlets. Maybe I should dive headfirst into music, or maybe découpage?

The medium might be changing, but the message is not.

(Oh, and I was kidding about the découpage thing.  I'm not a girl.)