You don't even have to read this one.

Legos in LoveAnte Script: Emphasis on letter J. Hence the Legos in Love. I want to be that Lego.

I haven't posted anything other than my DailyHaikus! in about a week. It's not because I've given up on this blog. It isn't because I'm boycotting WordPress or DreamHost. It isn't even because I've realized that no one even reads my blog regularly.

It's mostly because I'm busy, which is because...

a.) I'm pre-Dental. b.) I'm a Biology major. c.) I go to Carolina. d.) I am an RA, which takes up more time than you'd think. e.) I love my church, the Summit, and spend a lot of time there. f.) I try to maintain a social life and make new friends every day. g.) I take naps as often as possible. h.) I use this site called Facebook sometimes. i.) I spend more time scheduling on Google Calendar than it's really worth. j.) I'm trying to fall in love.

Okay, that's a small hodgepodge of my daily routine. It's really holey (especially number E - badum, ching! Get it? Holey...holy? Like God? Like church? I know you liked that.) and full of gaps because it's late and I'm typing out of my head. No filter here. You can tell it's late because I'm letting things slip; like how I just said 'number E' about forty words back. I guess I'll get back to this Chemistry lab that's due @ 7am.

Are you happy now that I've given you a dose of my life?

I apologize for my busyness. I long for the day when I have nothing to do, at all.

PS: The weather in CH has been perfect the last two days. Let's hope it stays that way.

xoxo, CL. (Yeah, like GossipGirl.)