Why I came down the Mountain to the Hill.

I'm a sophomore at UNC.  But I'm also a first-year. JSYK, this is my first year as a Tar Heel.  I transferred from Appalachian State.

A lot of folks ask me why I transferred.  I usually say, "I just didn't fit in," or, "I'm just not a mountain person."  It's sometimes pretty difficult to put my reasons into words.  Well, I came across an email that I sent while at Appalachian.  It clearly shows why I didn't enjoy my time up in Boone.  I thought I'd share it with you.

You know that class, Creativity and the Arts, that I have that all of the Chancellor's Scholars are in?  Well, my professors are wacked-up and way hippie-ish.  Yesterday, (name omitted), the woman hippie who is about 75 years old, decides we are going to do an exercise at the beginning of class that she was inspired by from her weekend retreat for a 'Creativity Seminar' with some Zen Buddhist.  First of all, that just sounds a little too far out for me.

We get in a circle.  She tells us to clear our minds and, one at a time, do a creative movemement representing how our days are going.  We go around, and a couple people take it real seriously.  I just nonchalantly shrugged my shoulders for my movement, just thinking how bogus the idea was.  (Name omitted) does this weird movement with her body and arms as if she's doing Tai-Chi.  Our male professor does this thing that looks like he's drawing in energy from all over the room and then does this Chinese little bow with his hands clasped.

This place is weird.

I think that should give you an idea of why I transferred to Carolina.