Visitors: Speak up!

I just glanced at my map of visitors on Google Analytics.  I have visitors popping up all over the United States!  This excites me, as I am not exactly the most inter-statual (yes, I made up that word) person.  I have some contacts in other states, but for the most part I stick to my home here in the Old North State.  So, I beg of you, please end my angst and begin commenting on my blog!  I want to know who you are!


Are you my long-lost 7th cousin? Cool!  Let me know. Did you hear about me from a friend of a friend of a friend?  Well, great!  Let me know. Are you the babysitter for a family whose son goes to school with me?  AWESOME!  Let me know.  Did you find a note attached to a broken balloon that had my website written on it?  FANTASTIC!  I'm glad SOMEONE found that thing.  Now, tell me where you are!  I want to know how far my balloon got!  Let me know.

Please comment, out-of-staters (and in-staters)!  Let me know who you are!