The Tod/Copper Dynamic.

foxandhoundShow of hands:  who out there has ever seen The Fox and the Hound?

Okay, great- so nearly all of my readers? ; )  If you have ever stalked the 'Information' section of my Facebook profile, you would know that this is my favorite movie.  Yes, it's Disney.  Yes, it's animated.  Does that make me weird?  No.  Does that make me immature?  Heck no.  What it means is that I'm a child at heart.  I enjoy the simple things in life like friendships, man's best friend, sweet tea, and the occasional game of hide and seek (shout out to Jumphrey, Alderman, and Coop).

For those of you who haven't ever seen it, the fantastic Disney production from 1981 that details the relationship between a hound dog, Copper, and his domesticated fox pal, Todd.  The two meet as pups and become best friends.  As the story goes on, Copper's master, Slade, begins to train him up to be a hunting dog.  Copper goes off to hunt for the winter with Slade and Chief, and older hound.  He comes back pretty brainwashed and tries to explain to Tod that their friendship just can't last.  Tod doesn't understand this change of heart from Copper.  I won't spoil the remainder of the movie.  Just know that it's kind of a tear-jerker at times, so bring your tissues.

foxandhound2A few days ago, I presented my best friend, Caleb, with the task of determining who he and I would be in the terms of the Tod/Copper dynamic.  He rather matter-of-factly responded thanks to his personal intuition, claiming that he would be Tod and I would be Copper.  This left me with much to think about.  Is he inferring that I am easily brainwashed into turning against my closest friends?  Also, is he staking the claim that he is more 'foxy' than I?  I believe that his claims are unsubstantiated.  Perhaps he's right; I just wish he'd give me a better reason for his choice.

What do you think?  Draw from your experiences of Lanton (Lane + Horton) and assign respective roles for the Tod/Copper Dynamic.

For your viewing pleasure, I've brought you the song "Best of Friends" from the film.