The Joke's on You

Ring ... ring ... ring."Hello?""Hi, is your refrigerator running?" "Let me check. ... why, yes - yes, it is running." "Well, you had better go catch it! Hahaha!" - click -

Have you ever fallen victim to that classic, cruel joke? I bet so. For three and a half years, I lived in a state of complete vulnerability to that joke. It could have been sprung upon me at any moment, but it never was. I was always so nervous. In fact, every time my phone would ring, I'd wince or flinch. Well, guess what? All of that has changed. As of 11:10 p.m. today, my refrigerator stopped working. I was out of town over the weekend at CASE ASAP, a conference for student alumni associations. I was representing Order of the Bell Tower at the District 3 meeting at Ole Miss. Having been gone for almost four days, I don't really know at what point my fridge died. When I got back, I didn't check it. It wasn't until tonight that I decided I'd like a quick glass of milk before bed.

The light came on when I opened the fridge door, but something was not right. The milk jug was swollen. The yogurt was warm. My sausage biscuits were soggy and no longer frozen. My fridge reeked of hot, humid food gone bad. It was not cold at all. It wasn't on defrost or low. The thing just conked on me. I gathered everything from within and tossed it.

Who knows what will happen to this thing. It's stuck with me since my junior year at NCSSM. I've grown attached to it. Are there any Mr. Fix-Its out there? Any refrigerator repairmen? Contact me if you have expertise in this field. I can't go long without my Jimmy Dean sausage biscuits.

For those of you who want to laugh at my misfortune, I have quickly prepared a poem for you. This was actually written in response to a friend who was poking fun at my misfortune.