Small-scale celebrity.

Twice today, I was recognized by strangers. The first time was when I was amidst a UNC intramural scavenger hunt.  Our team (Archie, Ethan, RayMay, and I) was confering with another team about how difficult some of the clue were.  At this point, one of the girls on the opposite team said, "I've got a question, but it's kind of weird.  Did you got to NCSSM?"  I told this girl that I sure did (because I'm proud of my diploma!).  It turns out that she went to the same high school that Spencer "My Soulmate" Scarvey went to pre-SMath.  This girl, Ivy, said that she recognized me from Spencer's photos on the Facebook.  Small world, huh?

The second situation occurred at my favorite restaurant in Durham, El Rodeo.  I was having dinner with a very pleasant young lady when I commended a table next to us for their singing.  It was obvious that the quartet were from SMath - two were sporting their Food Drive tees.  After my comment, they laughed and I turned away.  I then heard two of them say, "Isn't that Chris Lane?" whereupon they all looked at me and agreed that I must be Chris Lane.  I confirmed their suspicions and laughed.  It turns out that I once gave one of them (Paula, I believe) a ride to Bruegger's .

All of  this having been said, I just found these two instances to be small triumphs for my personal fame.  I'm not really looking to get famous, but if it happens, who am I to stop it? ;)