Jesus was resurrected. You got that? He actually rose from the dead. Not in a zombie kind of way. In a "hey-I'm-the-Son-of-God-so-normal-mortal-and-biological-boundaries-and-limitations-don't-actually-apply-to-me" kind of way. Jesus' death on the cross was a shame. But it was necessary. God wanted to reconcile his people to himself, but the penalty for an eternity of humankind's sin had to be paid. We placed his son on the cross and in doing so, placed our festering, rotten messes upon his shoulders. He bore the weight of all people's sins and suffered more than we could ever fathom.  They took his body and tossed it in the grave and stood guard over it day and night, so that no one could steal away with Jesus' corpse in the night. And on the third day, the tomb was opened and Jesus was gone.

Christ had risen. He had defeated the grave, once and for all - for all mankind. Yes - Christ is risen. He rose for you and he rose for me. Christ is risen indeed!

Be encouraged by his display of grace and love.  Let new joy and hope spring forth from the depths of hardened hearts! In the midst of worldly decay, stand strong in his word as salt and light.