I've been rushing a fraternity for the past week or so.  All of that came to an end yesterday, when I found out that I would not be recieving a bid.  That was a pretty tough thing to hear, being a new student at UNC and trying to find my fit within the Carolina community.

This was the first real rejection I've ever experienced. I've gotten every leadership position I've sought after, I got into Science and Math with no problems, and I also got into every college I applied to.  I've been lucky enough to have missed the sting of rejection for 19 years, but it finally caught up with me.


Not recieving a bid from a fraternity or sorority that you are really into, and excited to be a part of, is a lot more personal than not getting into Yale or not getting elected student body president.  I found myself asking, "What about me isn't good enough?" or "What did I do wrong?".  I haven't come up with answers to these questions.  I actually don't even think that these are the right questions to ask.

Greek rush is a unique and enjoyable process for many, yet it has the potential to crush people's self esteem.  For those of you who've had these bad experiences, I've got something to relate to you.  I strongly believe in the philosophy that everything happens for a reason.

A Map of Life.

God has this huge life plan mapped out for you, with tons of alternate routes this way and that way.  I like to think of every situation in your life as coming to a fork in the road of life.  Sometimes there are two clearly defined paths, at other times there are four or five.  Maybe you absolutely knew that the left path was the one for you, until suddenly there's a landslide and the path becomes blocked.  What you've got to do is just take what you get, with the understanding that God is guiding you, pushing you towards the best personal outcome for you.

He's the Master Planner of this road trip that we call life.