Obama: Undeserving of Nobel

Can we talk for a minute?  I think we need a little reality check.obama As many of you saw flashing on the news and your RSS feeds this morning, our President has been award the Nobel Peace Prize.  Normally, we as Americans should be so proud of that.  That's almost a direct compliment to America.  However, I didn't exactly feel complimented this morning when I heard the news.

Does Obama deserve it?  That's debatable.  I personally don't think that his award was warranted at all.  I mean, what has the guy really done?  Wait; let me rephrase that.  What did Obama do in his first 12 days of office?  Nothing that demands a Nobel Peace Prize, that's for sure.  You see, nominations for the prize were to be postmarked by February 1st.  Since Barack was sworn in on the 20th of January, that didn't exactly give him too much time to make any gigantic effort at establishing peace in our world.  The Norwegian Nobel Committee stated that the prize was awarded for Obama's "extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples." I'm just not seeing how our "First Black President!" is getting the job done there on that one; especially in only 12 days.

Having actually voted for Obama, I'm a little ashamed at how other Obama supporters are taking this.  None of them are even remotely questioning our President's shiny new award.  You can't blindly follow someone and jump for joy when they receive recognition for something that they didn't even do.  That's not what it means to be an intellectual, just in case you were wondering.  If you consider yourself a supporter of Obama, and also consider yourself a cognitive being, I would like you to stop for a moment and take 3 minutes of your time to think all of this through.  Let me know if you need clarification, or if you come up with a rebuttal to defend our President and his precious NPP.