Must be the luck of the Irish.


According to my grandmother, I'm <insert arbitrary fraction here> Irish. And it seems that I've taken after my ancestors. No, I haven't ditched my dental plans to grow potatoes. No, I'm not becoming a Leprechaun collector. I've just always had the luck of the Irish. I've been luckier than the average Joe since I was born. The luck pertains particularly to raffles, lotteries, and drawings. My earliest recollection of my luck is from kindergarten. I was selected as the single student in our 'graduating class' to stand up and make a speech on behalf of the 'class of 1996'. And my name was drawn from a hat.

The next instance of my luck occurred four years later as I entered the fifth grade. That August, I attended a youth rally at a local church. Two big things happened that night. One: I became a believer in Jesus Christ. This first event was not at all luck; rather, it was a divine appointment where I met God face to face and learned of his huge love. Another event happened that night, one that was much smaller and can be attributed to luck. There was a raffle and I had the first ticket drawn! I received a fisherman's hat that said, "Yes, I do believe in God!" And let me tell you - I sported that lucky hat all over town. It was a reminder of that 'lucky' evening when I found hope and salvation in Jesus Christ.

Now, let's fast forward to last week. I traveled home for the night last Tuesday to see my niece in a pageant at the county fair. While I was there, I entered into a text-to-win contest run by a local auto dealership. The grand prize was an iPad, a $500 value. Well, I got a phone call today from Hall Automotive. They informed me that I was the winner of their contest! So, there you have it. I'm the proud new owner of an iPad. I guess it's just the luck of the Irish (and Russian, English, and Native American).


On a more serious note, I'd like to take a moment to refute the idea of luck.  I don't believe in it.  Why not?  I'm of the belief that everything happens for a reason.  All of this isn't pure coincidence.  We were placed on this Earth by a God who has a plan for each of us.  As part of that plan, God orchestrates events in our lives.  He intervenes in some situations.  God likes joyful people.  I know he's had a hand in the many blessings of my life.  I wouldn't be a student at UNC on my way to a career in dentistry without the Lord's helping hand.  It's important that we know this, so that we can be thankful and give God credit for the good in our lives.  However, it's equally as important that we don't get confused by this concept and pursue goodness for the sake of blessing.  That is a corrupt theological outlook.  Avoid that and pursue goodness and God simply because you are amazed by his majesty and the grace that he willingly gives all of us sinners.