McDonald's: The New Target

Golden ArchMy granddaddy, the late and great Herbert Rae Lane used to always love McDonald's.  He lived out in the sticks of West Virginia, in a little teeny mountain town called Mathias.  I used to visit him pretty often as a kid.  There was this one little diner in town that we'd always eat at.  We always used to joke and refer to this greasy spoon as the McDonald's of Mathias.  Granddaddy would even try to assert that I was prounouncing the name wrong when I said 'Mick-donn-uhlds'.  He said that the place was French, and therefore should be pronounced <french accent> 'Emsee Doh-nalds' </french accent>.  I guess what I'm trying to convey is that McDonald's was a big part of my life as a child. RonaldBack in the good old days, your McDonald's was characterized by bright yellow plastics, fantastically fun (yet potentially dangerous) ball pits, and a generally cheap, rudimental branding initiative.  As kids, we were more than satisfied with that.  However, I like to think that McDonald's is progressing, right alongside us.  The Golden Arch, a restaurant that defines our generation, is growing with us.

Things are changing.  As our generation is becoming more professional, McDonald's is doing a great job at becoming more refined and appealing.  No longer do they rely on their Walmart-esque scheme of elementary color schemes and tacky atmosphere.  You might have noticed how classy McDonald's has become.  They've got these fancy booths now, and aesthetically pleasing decor.  Brushed metal surfaces are McDonald's new best friend.  Furthermore, they've got at least THREE huge Vizio plasma screens at the one on Franklin; just sayin'.


...and McCafé.  Forget Starbucks; folks are headed to McDonald's these days for their morning coffee.  McDonald's is turning its back on the regular fast food industry in an attempt to seek a more distinguished clientele.  They're becoming very much like Target: super efficient and convenient, but oh-so classy at the same time.  It's time you joined the McDonald's Movement.

Let's just face it: McDonald's is getting more and more trendy every day.  Pretty soon, we'll forgo the eclectic coffee shops and just head over to McDonald's to sip on our mocha-froca choco-taco express-uccino latté and brush up on Voltaire.  You can either jump on the rising tide of McDonald's classy hipster intellectual movement, or stay in your tacky, boring Burger Kings and drown.  I'm headed to McDonald's to study tomorrow; who's with me?