Maximizing Efficiency.

My grades are not at a level which pleases me. Something must be done. Here are a few initiatives that I am installing into my life in order to maximize my efficiency. As you can tell, I'm a huge fan of alliteration. chemRegular Reviews I will strive to spend my free time each day reviewing the material that was gone over in my classes that same day. This way, I can stay on top of my work so that when it comes time for the next round of exams (in 2 weeks), I will be ready and won't be cramming.facebook

Facebook Fridays. Until the end of this year (2009), I will only be checking my Facebook once a week. Caleb and I decided that this would be a great way to cut back on our usage, but stay connected at the same time. If deemed successful, this policy will most likely be extended to next semester.

lg-env-touch1Telephone at Ten From this moment onward, I will keep my cell phone OFF as much as possible. I may even begin leaving it in my room, treating it as if it were an old fashioned land-line telephone. I will however turn it on for 10 minutes at 10 PM each day to check any crucial messages. My reasoning is this: Phones mean social interaction. Social interaction means fun. Fun generally distracts me from my work. (That was meant to sound a little crazy. In this desperate time of preparation for approaching final exams, I've got to really watch how I am spending my time.) DISCLAIMER: This policy is waived in regards to phone use for anything relating to church, my job, extracurricular activities or *certain* personal relationships.

Television TrophiesBD9260-001 I have five shows that I really enjoy. A little Desperate Housewives to start the week right on Sunday night, a scandalous Monday night of Gossip Girl plus back-back episodes of How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory, Wednesdays full of Glee, and of course The Office on Thursdays. I have abstained from these shows for 2 weeks now. I will be using them as a reward system over the next few weeks. A day of hard work will warrant the opportunity to view one show. However, one week's show allotment is not to exceed 3 viewings.

These initiatives are just a start.  If you have further ideas to help me structure my life and succeed, please feel free to recommend them by commenting on this post or emailing me at cbrentlane [at] gmail [dot] com.