Lent: revisited

So, what did I end up giving up? A number of things.

1) Twitter. Yes, I did it. As much as I try to deny it, Twitter is a sizable part of my life. I like to inform people of how my day is going. I like folks to know the interesting things that I often find out. Twitter is something that I can definitely give up for Lent in a serious way.

2) Degrading music. A lot of the music that filters into my brain isn't so uplifting. I'm not swearing off anything on the radio or even a specific genre for that matter. Simply put, if I am listening to a song and it references or promotes sin, I'll be flipping the dial on that tune.

3) Contempt Every day, we all face this. We might not say hurtful things too much, but we sure do think them. I want to make a more conscious effort to filter this out of my life. As a flawed and sinful human, I'm inclined to hurt others and to think down upon people. I'm going to try to alter my human nature a bit.

That's it. We'll see how this Lenten journey progresses. So, what did you end up giving up?