I'm actually a loser.

What I mean to say is that I'm not a winner.  When it comes to (most) sports, video games, and non-academic competitions, I lose.  I just can't hold my own.  However, I broke the laws of (my personal) nature last night.


I was at the Lodge last night for a rush event.  We had dinner, chatted it up with the brothers, and then broke out the chips and cards for poker night.  Having never actually played poker, I was planning on ducking out before the game began, so as not to embarass myself.  For some odd reason, I had the gumption to stay and try to work my way through the game.

Somehow, it worked.  As the night progressed, my pile of chips grew.  Luck was in the cards, and my neat stacks of poker chips spilled together into a monstrous pile of color.  Somehow, I managed to win the entire poker tournament.  Imagine that. Christopher, the perpetual loser, winning a game he'd never even played before.  Perhaps my luck is changing...