I won a Duke ticket. And I'm giving it away.

Old School.

I won a Phase 5 ticket to the Duke game. And I'm giving it away.

Why? I won't be in Chapel Hill on Saturday evening. I'll be in New York.

I signed up for an alternative spring break trip with APPLES a few weeks back. And we're leaving at 6 in the morning on Saturday. That means no Duke game for me - at least, I can't use my ticket.

I'm embracing my Carolina family and I'm offering up my ticket to a very lucky Tar Heel. Any UNC student is eligible. All you need is a sharp mind and dedication. I've designed a scavenger hunt of sorts. What are you searching for? My Duke ticket. It's hidden somewhere on UNC's campus.

I've written a riddle of eight lines, to be shared via my Twitter feed (@cbrentlane). The first line will be released at 9am on Friday, 3/4/2011. Every half hour following, another line will be released. By 12:30pm, you should have the entire riddle.  Of course, if you find the ticket before then (with only a partial riddle), you've still won the contest.

I hope you can find some joy in this. We've got a fantastic relationship with that school down the road. It's one of both mutual respect and mutual hate. Take this opportunity to go to Saturday's game. Be a part of the Carolina experience. Do your part by cheering on our fellows in their match against Duke. I wish the best of luck to the participants! If you happen to participate (at all), please leave a comment here. I'd just be curious to know how many folks this little contest reached. May the best Heel win!

Hark the sound,