I feel poetic today.


This afternoon, Chatham Hall is quiet.  The children have gone off with their parents (it is Family Day).  I have a large to-do list for the coming week, but my intuition told me that I needed this time off for something else: reflection. A storm moved in twenty minutes ago.  I stepped outside to stand in the rushing winds and just feel the earth.  It was so good.  As the thunder roared in the distance, the cogs began turning in my mind.  I needed to write a poem.

I sat in the cool, still dimness of my room.

My eyes peering out the raindrop-speckled window, I began to write.

My weary mind rests quiet darkness settles in and here comes the rain.

A single raindrop sent from the heavens to cleanse. Forgiveness falling.

I stare out beyond the pane, beyond the screen, beyond the leaves, beyond the sky, and I wonder, how could this all be for nothing? It is for Something.