I don't want to be a dentist anymore.

That heading isn't some kind of trick. I'm serious about this. For the past couple of weeks, I've been thinking hard about the passions and talents that God has given to me. I've probably mentioned it to a few people, referencing how I just have so many interests and can see myself in several different fields of work. J.D.'s sermon this morning prompted tonight's epiphany. He got me thinking about what God has in store for me in my life. All day, this theme has been running through my mind. Tonight was the first time that I sat down and had a chat with God about where he wanted me to be 10 years down the road. I poured through the Word and spent a lot of time in reflection and prayer.

This is what I have come up with- a reflection on some of my passions.

I love the Lord. I love the church. I love the people in the church. I love Durham. I love the Summit. I love West Club. I love helping students learn, grow, and find their own passions. All of this leads me to conclude that whatever I do, I need to be rooted in my church and spending a lot of my time serving the people. So, maybe I should be a youth pastor?

I love design. I'm majoring in Journalism at UNC but I haven't figured out my concentration yet. I'm definitely doing something with multimedia. I love photography, graphic design, and typography. I'm a stickler for visuals. I want to learn more about creative media/art and use that passion to glorify God. So, maybe I should do design for the church?

I love the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics. The best two years of my life were spent there. It's where I made the best friends of my life. I go back and visit every chance I get. I am so thankful for the school and the unique opportunities that it presents to students of North Carolina. I've tossed around the notion of working for the school one day and that's actually a major part of my life plan. I could teach or work in Institutional Advancement; I want to work with Alumni or Communications. Who knows? Maybe one day I will be chancellor.

So, I've bared a few of my passions in the last couple paragraphs. This is all to explain that I just can't stick to this plan of being a dentist right now. I don't have the right motives. A big part of my desire to be a dentist was for personal recognition and commendation. I wanted people to look at me and see how well I did for myself. I wanted that title of 'Dr.' before my name. I wanted financial security. These reasons don't cut it for me.

God has been working on me and I have finally come to terms with all of this. There's a reason why I joined the Summit and started leading a small group. God is training me for a life of service in the church. I don't know yet exactly what form it will come in but I am so excited to find out. I hope God gives you your own little revelation today. Take a minute and examine your own passions. Are you following God or are you blazing your own trail fueled by self-interest? I hope you're sticking to the former.