Hark the sound, my friends. Hark the sound!

It's a big time of year, to say the least. Every 2012er fields the question on a weekly basis, "So, what are you doing after graduation?"

Some of us have plans. Some of us have jobs lined up.  And some of us, well - we're just being faithful.

“The Lord is my portion,” says my soul, “therefore I will hope in him.”

-- Lamentations 2:34 (ESV)

In this delightful time of new beginnings, make sure you're cherishing these last few weeks in Chapel Hill.  You have a purpose and reason to use this time for goodness!  Lavish love on those around you. Enjoy one another. Be a blessing to all you encounter!  God has graciously given us a shaping couple of years to spend at Carolina, sharing our lives with dear friends. Cherish this time, brothers and sisters!

And in celebration of 2012, I'm offering senior portrait packages! I did this on a limited basis last year, but this year I am opening it up to any member of the 2012 class!  Feel free to pass my information along to your friends.  I'm free for individual portraits, as well as group or couple shots!  Just drop me a line through the contact box on my site!  I'll be posting a pricing sheet soon - keep an eye out!

- cbrentlane