Google is calling me out.

Check out Google right now.  You probably need to do this today, and today only.  Tomorrow, Google's logo may have switched back to its regular old self.  As you may have noticed, Google is making a tribute to me today (by referencing my Halloween costume).  Yes, that is right.  Not a surprise in my book, but I appreciate the honor, Google.birdOkay, </snarky narcissism>.

What's really up is that Google is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the show that has taught every red-blooded American born from the 70s to now how to read.  The official date of the anniversary is November 10th, so be ready to celebrate.  A few of my friends and I celebrated the occasion early.  You can see (below) that Jordan Humphrey, Paige Culbreth, Courtney Cooper, and I had a riveting time on Halloween night by turning Franklin Street into Sesame Street. sesameWhat, then, are you to do with this information?  I hope that this renews your passion for Sesame Street.  You might have forgotten your best friend Elmo.  Maybe you haven't talked to your old pal Snuffleupagus in decades.  I'm asking you to get back in touch with your inner child.  Act like a kid again.  Be brash and unashamed.  Learn about things that you are confounded by.  Live your life with boldness and explore your curiosities.

If you don't know where to start, take a look at some of these videos: Season 40 Highlights (featuring Michelle Obama in a delightful Jackie Cardigan from *J.Crew*) Ernie and his Rubber Duckie Cookie Monster and Count Von Count ELLEN DEGENERES! and Elmo. Johnny Cash and Oscar the Grouch.