DTH : Letter to the Editor

lightsFor the past several months, I have been fishing for an issue worth adressing through a letter to the editor of the Daily Tar Heel.  A great topic jumped into my lap when I came back to campus this Sunday after the Thanksgiving festivities back home.  What sparked this interest?  Christmas lights.  Simple, radiant, beautiful, lights of truth.  These little messengers of hope were strung about fraternity court as early as early as November 29th.  Their message inspired me to arrange a positive piece for the DTH noting the positive contributions from Carolina's Greek students.frat

All went well.  I contacted UNC's Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life for fact-checking and input. I submitted it yesterday evening and Tweeted my action, mentioning the editor-in-chief, @Andrew_Dunn.  He responded, assuring me that my piece would be published this morning.

Imagine my surprise when I glanced at the paper this morning and found my letter published, but not in the form in which I sent it in.  I was censored.  My admiration of the Christmas lights was removed, yet the reference to 'holiday cheer' was left alone to give the piece a misdirected tone.  I have included my original letter below, for your perusal.  The text in red was omitted from the letter published in today's paper.

Lesson learned.  The DTH censors a column that is supposedly devoted to voicing the opinions of readers.  Without even informing me, they made a hack job of my literary work and published it in a premature form without even notifying me of the changes.  My name is now assigned to a substandard composition, which is rather regretful.  I still stand a faithful read and supporter of the Daily Tar Heel; I only wish that they would forgo editing of reader-submitted content.

Hats off to the Greek System

Upon my return from Thanksgiving break, I was delighted to drive past Fraternity Court and see such a fantastic display of Christmas lights. As a non-Greek student, I find it encouraging to see such dedication from the Greek system in regards to spreading holiday cheer and goodwill throughout the entire Carolina community.  In an unfair season where the Carolina Greek system has consistently fallen under fire from the administration and students alike, I find it rather important to point out the many positive contributions put forth by our Greek organizations.

Glance back over this fall semester and a number of specific instances quickly come to mind. On Halloween morning, Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity hosted the Heels4Hope 5K raising over $15,000 for the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, The Arc of Orange County, and Push America.  The National Panhellenic Council honored the anniversary of September 11th by cooking dinner for local firefighters. Alpha Delta Pi’s Ron-A-Thon 5K in September raised nearly $13,000 for the Ronald McDonald House of Chapel Hill.  As a unifying movement, the four Greek councils collaborated for Greek Week, consisting of a very successful blood drive as well as a joint canned food/clothing drive.

These are only a few examples of the Greek system’s altruism and commitment to philanthropy. This holiday season, let’s come together and celebrate one another’s accomplishments.  Let’s give credit where credit is due.  Join me in commending the Carolina Greek system for its contributions to our community.