Daily Haikus

24 hours crammed into 19 syllables. 09.23.09 "Are you a Fratter?" I was asked this twice today. What was it? The shoes?

09.22.09 M passes her Chem test. Wish I could have said the same for mine last Friday. (co-authored by M.)

09.21.09 The disc went ‘Kerplunk!’. Wading in pond scum, I found four, but not my own.

09.20.09 Eyes heavy all day. The only solution is another night awake.

09.19.09 Movie night with M. Yep. She made me watch Twilight. (Not consensual.)

09.18.09 Autumn moonlight streamed, down upon a pair, while little windows play.

09.17.09 Oh, Thursday. Awoke two point five hours into my lab. Friday, please.

09.16.09 Road trip was cancelled. God has saved me from failing my Chem test Friday.