Change (from me, not Obama)


Sorry- I couldn't pass up the opportunity to poke fun at Obama and his vague plan for 'change' that gets people all riled up and glad to throw away their money via outrageous taxes even when they don't actually know what they're getting so pumped and excited about.

Back to the subject of this post: change. Look around you. Some things on my blog are different. I added some snow. Isn't that cute? Yes, it is. It's different snow than what I had yesterday. That snow was too synchronized. This snow is light, fluffy, and randomized. It's real. So, enjoy it while it lasts because once the temperature rise a bit more and winter fades, this snow is gone for good. For now, I'll let you enjoy it.

What else is new?  Oh, just that YOU CAN NOW ADD COMMENTS USING AN INTEGRATED FACEBOOK LOGIN!  How cool is that?  Okay- yes, it is a little buggy right now.  You can log in and everything.  When it brings up the dialog about posting this in your news feed on your profile, just hit skip.  I have to configure something else there still to make it work.  I am by no means a computer geek/hacker and have no clue how to write/manipulate computer code.  I will find a guru to help me through this (or maybe I'll just use trial and error).

But wait- there's more!  I added a 'like' button, just like Facebook!  You can now 'like' my posts and it will keep track of the number of people who like each post.  This feature is not linked to your Facebook profile; sorry about that!  There are currently two little 'like' features that you can see.  There is the very Facebook-esque thumbs-up and then also the little heart with the plus sign.  Which one should we keep and which should we ditch? Go ahead- try them out right now and let me know.