Aftermath of #DukeItOut


A lot of you might have been involved in the #DukeItOut frenzy two Fridays ago. As you recall, I gave away my Duke ticket. (See more on the specifics of the contest here.) I hid the ticket somewhere on campus, then periodically released lines of a riddle that revealed the ticket's location. I thought I'd post the full riddle here, for your enjoyment: Take a trip back in time to when the rivalry was born. Chase was king at UNC, and Harding had just been sworn.

It's housed in the House, but it's not in the back. Walk in, turn right, it's in 1921's Yackety Yack.

I know a riddle isn't supposed to be obvious, but I had to give it away in the last line to make sure SOMEONE would find it. I wouldn't have wanted the ticket to go to waste. There was a pretty good turnout for the contest. In the end, Abigayil Harrison (@abigayil) won. It only took her 5 clues (1 hour, 18 minutes) to locate the ticket - so kudos to her!