Abide, like the trees.


Wind softly whispers

life into the leaves of trees

beneath charcoal skies.

Tonight, I experienced something beautiful. I felt God's calming touch in my life. The hustle and bustle of undergraduate life was suddenly eclipsed by the everlasting God. As I was walking through the grass, the Lord jumped inside my heart and said, "Be still and know that I am God." I sat down, put my back to a tree, and just rested in Him.

Society tells us to busy ourselves. God doesn't. He wants us to leave margins in our life to spend time with him and his people. Let's loosen the world's grip on us and abide in the fact that our Lord has already won the victory on our behalf. Let's be like the tree that's at my back, standing firm in our truth but giving way to unseen things way bigger than us.