Like (grand)father, like (grand)son.

<Aussie accent> Ain't she a beaut'? </Aussie accent>

She's a Canon AE-1 - and her name is Alice.

She's a recent acquisition of mine.  I got her for my ART 105 course at UNC - Introduction to Photography.  I've been trying to get into this course for a while and I've finally managed to secure a seat!  We're two or three weeks in and I've got to tell you - I'm falling in love.

I really know very little about photography. While I did teach a club on it to some of the students at Jacob's Ladder this past summer, I'm a total novice.  Words like aperture and shutter speed mean nothing to me. That's what I'm hoping to remedy with ART 105.  In a semester, I'll be a walking, talking photography know-it-all.  At least, I hope I learn something.

Why? Two big reasons. The first one is a joke - but the second one is real.

1. Everybody's doing it.  Everybody and their momma thinks they can take a great photo.  But I'm so against that (because I'm a hipster and hipsters are totally against anything mainstream).  But I'm taking it a step further beyond that.  Since it's hipster to go against the grain, I'm GOING AGAINST THE GRAIN OF HIPSTERDOM.  Think that one through.  Yeah - pretty clever of me, right?

2. I want to carry on my Granddaddy Lane's legacy.  The man was a GENIUS PHOTOGRAPHER.  He always had his trusty Canon slung 'round his neck, wherever he went.  When I was young, he took me to the camera store and showed me all the cool lenses and flashes.  He even convinced the store keeper to show me how they developed the photos.  He bought me my first camera.

However, my Granddaddy lost a battle with cancer when I was in middle school.  When I finally began to develop a mature interest in the art of photography, he wasn't there to guide me.  So, this is my tribute to him. I'm picking up this trusty camera and we're going to make some art. I'm going to try to capture the beauty of his smile in every photo I take. Each time the shutter snaps, I'll be listening for his laugh or waiting to feel the reassuring weight of his arm on my shoulder. While I know he's not with me any longer, I bet he'll probably be clambering along behind me in spirit, marveling at how similar boys can be two generations later.

This is for you, Grandaddy.