William + Whitney: Married in Dunn

This young couple has a special place in my heart. When I first met them, they were students at the North Carolina School of Science & Math in Durham, NC. It being my own alma mater, I was connecting students to our local church by leading a small group and Bible study every week. That's how I met William & Whitney. Fellow Unicorns, separated only by a few years.

Even back then, these two were inseparable. They would walk to church together (all 1.5 blocks), eat together, throw a ball together (only one of them would end up playing college-level softball - ahem, Whitney), and support each other while away from home at school. And they were high-schoolers. As a friend on the outside looking in, I knew that some day soon God would unite these two in marriage at the foot of the cross. But I never guessed I'd be there to witness and document the moment!

After NCSSM, Whitney went off to play softball in the mountains at Appalachian State and William stayed in Durham to study at Duke. I had the privilege of introducing William to some Campus Outreach staff at Duke, where he jumped in to serve his fellow classmates and point them to Jesus. Somewhere in the mix, William also started serving with me to lead the very small group I first met him in! It was wonderful to get to know him more over the years and see how much his love for Whitney grew and developed into a 'lay-my-life-down-for-you-every-day' kind of love. I was over-the-moon when he told me they were getting married and wanted me to photograph their wedding.

They tied the knot on May 17th and now, they're happily married and living just on the edge of Duke's East campus. Whitney is finishing up her last year of Speech-Language Pathology at UNC and William is joining staff with Campus Outreach to continue teaching Duke students about Jesus and his saving love and grace. And he's currently raising support, so please reach out to him if you have a heart to support college ministry! We're supporting him, so you should too! :) Just email will (dot) gilmore (at) campusoutreach (dot) com.

Point is: I love these two. You don't give up your birthday to shoot just anyone's wedding, you know?

Now, on to the pictures ...