Ms. Swift - whatever you do, just please don't pull a Miley. Please.

If I had a guitar, there would be teardrops on it right now.  See, I heard today that Taylor Swift is giving up country music; she's a pop princess now.

Now, rather than go on about how broken-hearted I am and how I knew she was bound for greatness with her 2006 debut, "Tim McGraw", I will bite my lip, try to keep my eyes clear, and admit that we all saw this coming.  Say what you will, but Taylor's got talent.  From Teardrops to the goat song, the girl is made of gold.  And she has won me over again with her new release, "Shake It Off."  I expected to hear her new pop release and hate it.  But there's just something about her laughable self-awareness in this video that makes me love it.  This video shines with acknowledgment that she is an awkward white girl trying (and sometimes failing) to fit in.

Let me know your thoughts.  (P.S. - please forgive the somewhat gratuitous booty shaking.)