An open letter to my wife and unborn daughter

Sara (and my little baby girl Lane),

As a husband and dad, there is so much that I hope for and pray for when I think of you.  You will always be my first priority on this earth.  You are God's most precious earthly gifts to me!  I know that God will continue to teach me how to cherish you and love you and lead you.  Please pray with me that I will listen to Him.  I am a selfish and broken man sometimes, so I ask God for the grace and the power to listen and learn from Him as I seek to lead you both and remind you of His good plans for us.  I love you both so much - so much that I sometimes (mistakenly) think I love you more than God can.  I'm wrong about that.  His love for you far exceeds mine.  He has, however, put me here on earth to mirror His love for you and point you to Him.  May God grant me strength every day to do this for both of you!

But when my own strength fails and I neglect to draw the strength God so willingly lays out to me, don't give up hope.  Remember God's word and the truths that he speaks about you within it.  You are two very beautiful, very precious, wise, clever, and intelligent women.  You have immeasurable worth and are royalty - daughters of the King.  It is truly my honor to love you and lay my life down for you every day as your husband and daddy.

Yours always,


I'd also like to supplement my frail words with those in the video below.  These words are ones that every woman needs to hear and believe.  In a world that regularly fails to tell women the truth about themselves, this video does an excellent job of clearing the air.