Picking the low-hanging fruit.

Like the fun-loving, middle-class people we are, 38-weeks pregnant Sara and I led a caravan of like-minded friends out to a local farm to pay to pick our own produce. Only in middle-class America.

I jest, but it was a ton of fun. My wife is a big lover of fall, and so am I. But let me assure you - autumn has always been our favorite season. Even before it was trendy. We are actually thinking of giving our daughter the most sought-after October initials: P.S.L. (Petunia Sapphire Lane). Given the chance, I will eat pumpkin pie for every meal. Not as a dessert, mind you. As my entire meal.

This little weekend trip out to the country was exactly what these city-living sojourners needed. What follows here are a few outtakes from our trip (including some new shots of sweet Sara's baby bump). Happy Harvesting!